May 21 2020

Selina T.

“Great lawyer! I have found a lot of immigration lawyers, and Ms. Meng is the most professional. This is why I chose Meng to help me with my job application. My parent company is a domestic listed company with more than 20 branches. The relationship is very complicated. If you prepare the information according to this relationship will be the most troublesome thing, but Ms. Meng and assistant Jessica used their serious and responsible attitude and the understanding of professional immigration policy to help me complete the L1 visa application!

After the completion, Mr. Meng also made reasonable suggestions for the company’s post-operation, met the extension and green card application, and responded promptly to the questions I raised!

Now my husband also applied to L2, the family works and lives in the United States, thanks to the help of Mr. Meng, Very nice lawyer!”