Oct 13 2021


“I believe that immigration is a major event in life for every family. So in the first three months of coming to the U.S., I spent almost all of my time in meetings and phone meetings with more than 50 immigration lawyers. Fortunately, I finally made one of the most important and correct decisions in my life: chose Xiaojie (Marta) Meng as my immigration lawyer! Working with Meng is one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever experienced in the United States. Speaking responsibly, I believe she will be, and even should be the best immigration lawyer in the United States. As a new immigrant (in the most difficult period of American immigration), Meng’s rationality, wisdom, integrity, and full sense of social responsibility, helped me to regain confidence, encouragement, courage when I was faced with immigration/life/work difficulties and obstacles. I am extremely proud and proud of having such an immigration lawyer in the United States!”